After completing his first semester at Hampton University, Brandon M. Northington returned to his hometown of Georgetown, KY for the Winter break. During his trip, he was surprised to find many of his classmates had not gone on to attend college. After talking with a number of his peers from his hometown, he began to see a reoccurring theme and that was they simply lacked the drive and motivation to put their once plans in action. It was then that Brandon decided that he must do something to help.


From that first trip back home from Hampton University to present day, Brandon’s passion has been to share his story. He wants to motivate and encourage students that may have been told they can never achieve their goals and dreams that they can!


When Brandon was six years old, he told his mother that he wanted to be a preacher. When asked why, he said, “Because they dress nicely and worked once a week”. His mother laughed and told him, “It did not work like that”. He said, “Ok, I’ll be an attorney”.


In elementary school, Brandon was placed in the lowest reading and math classes. In middle school, acting on his father’s advice, Brandon tried to enroll himself in honors classes. It was then that Brandon was told he was not smart enough to be in honors classes and in high school he was told that he would not attend college. Not only did Brandon go on to graduate from Hampton University but did so with Honors and was extremely active on his undergraduate campus.


Even while in law school he faced many challenges. Brandon was placed on academic probation after his first semester after earning a 1.97 GPA. If Brandon earned just one grade below a C, he would have failed out of law school with five semesters left to complete. Further hampered by his GPA, Brandon was told that he could not participate in a study abroad program, and that individuals with his GPA typically do not pass the bar on their first attempt if at all. Defeating the odds, Brandon did pass the bar exam on his first attempt against all odds and became the attorney he first dreamt of becoming at age 6.


After earning his Juris Doctorate from Florida A&M University College of Law, Brandon relocated to Washington, D.C, where there are more lawyers anywhere in the country per capita, at a time when the economy was at its worst.


Brandon moved to DC with nothing more than an air mattress and a part time serving and bartending job. With seven law schools in the DC area and competing with top law school grads across the country, Brandon was told that he would not be able to find a job as an attorney and that he should consider non-traditional attorney jobs. Four months after being sworn as a Maryland attorney, Brandon, again against all odds, landed his dream job, and currently serves as an Assistant State’s Attorney.


Brandon “The Millennial Motivator” has shared his story with thousands of students across the country. As an attorney, Brandon serves as a tangible role model and leader for the students he works with. Brandon is known as a compassionate speaker who truly cares about each and every student he speaks to, coaches and mentors as he pushes them towards their goals and dreams.