In starting my blog, I think it is first important for me start with my why. As you read in my bio (if you have not read it please check it out) my journey to become to the Millennial Motivator began with my first visit home from college during winter break. During that visit, I ran into a friend from high school – we will call her “Ashley”. As we were catching up, I told Ashley about all the fun I was having in college, the new experiences, and all the people I was meeting. I saw the look of regret in her eyes. Ashley shared with me her dream of attending an out of state college and majoring in English. She was working at the Georgetown Wal-Mart, but I told her that she should follow her dreams and that it is never too late.

Ashley and I came from similar backgrounds, attended the same elementary, middle, and high school (our small town had two middle schools and one high school). She had the familial experience of both parents. It would appear that we were afforded the same opportunities. This made me wonder what happen and why had Ashley not follow her dreams?

In high school and college, I was often asked why I wanted to be so involved in extracurricular activities. The answer is simple and two fold. In middle school, I saw that kids were getting to miss school and go on field trips and conferences because they were in clubs and organizations and I wanted to do that and mostly because it was fun. This created an advantageous effect in that to be a part of these organizations I had to maintain a certain GPA.

I am forever grateful for my amazing parents. My father who always pushed me to achieve more and my mother who always supported and encouraged anything I set my mind to. And while I’d like to think that everyone had a similar up bringing I know that not to be true. There was never a question of what I was going to do after high school. I always knew I was going to college. But again I know this is not true for everyone. And while many would say college is not for everyone I tend to disagree with this line of thinking. More important than the formal education I received while in college, were the life skills I learned. Being away from home really being able to spread my wings…but I digress.

I come from a middle class family so I like many struggled to figure out just how I was going to be able to pay for college. I applied and received many scholarships but in the end had to take loans to make up the difference.

Ashley and I are both from middle class families and would have been first generation college students. So again I was left wondering, what was the difference when we had so many similarities? I will admit that I don’t have an answer, but I have a couple theories. The one that stands out the most however is that she was told, like too many other students, that she could not achieve greatness. She had no one to encourage, motivate and support her on her dreams - this is my “Why”. I am the Millennial Motivator because of strive to encourage every student I speak to I believe can achieve any goal or dream they have with the proper encouragement and guidance. I want to show students that anything is possible, and to never let someone (even a parent) tell them what they can and cannot do. I want to empower every young person I meet.

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