(60-75 MINS)


"be" Great


Brandon, all while sharing his unique story, leads students through a personal journey of life’s simplest lesson, nothing is given and that you have to take (legally) whatever it is you want. Brandon makes students realize that no matter their current situation is that tomorrow is always a new day and another opportunity to be Great! Brandon focuses on the power of positive thinking and never giving up as he lays out a plan for students to make their dreams a reality.


"be" a Leader


Leadership is more than a title we wear but rather the lifestyle we live. Brandon shares the core principles of leadership and good leaders and shows each student just how he or she can emerge as an amazing leader. Brandon shares how he was able to balance not only being a part of but being active in over 10 organizations serving as a leader in most in college all while carrying a full load of classes, working a part time job and was still able to graduate on time with honors. Additionally, at a time when social media is an everyday part of our lives, Brandon focuses on the importance of have a positive social media presence.






"be" Better


While there is no doubt that Brandon considers formal education the foundation to a prosperous life, there are many key lessons that Brandon learned outside of the classroom that were just as important. Brandon taps into his days working in HR as a recruiter for a fortune 100 company where he reviewed thousands of resumes and conducted hundreds of interviews. Focusing on self-development Brandon shares his insights on resume building, interview skills, networking skills, goal setting and interpersonal skills to help students become better equipped to make their dreams realities.


"be" a Team


This hands on experience will be like no other. Brandon shares his years of experience in a fun and interactive way. Be a team shows groups the importance of working together and shows students that everyone’s role is important and the importance of holding up your end. Brandon dives right into the four stages of a team explaining how to quickly get to the optimal stage. Brandon explains that knowing your strengths are equally as important as knowing your weaknesses so that you can be in the correct role to perform at your best. ​

Brandon is a dynamic speaker. Not only did he inspire he motivated me to another level.

- College Student















Brandon has had great influence on my life. Without his guidance and continuing support I might not have attempted or accomplished some of the things I have today. His words of encouragement and advice have always come at the perfect time and I couldn’t thank him more for being one of the most inspiring individuals in my life and for everything he has done for me.

-High school student & mentee 
















Brandon's genuineness and compassion pierce through his words as he speaks. Brandon's authenticity to motivate is truly unmatched. -College Student




Satisfied Clients include:



  • Team Triumphant  

  • Neal Elementary

  • Westport Academy

  • Catalyst Network


  • Color of Education

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of the National Capital Area

  • First Baptist Church Youth Group

  • H.Y.P.E. Teen Summit

  • Every 15 Minutes

  • Friendship Middle School 

  • Scott County High School